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Why Microgreens?

Donovan came across the idea of growing microgreens when he was studying how to cultivate medicinal and gourmet mushrooms.

The young vibrant plants became difficult to ignore for their immense nutritional and flavorful properties!

It is a crop that cannot be damaged by rain, flooding, or storms. We can control every variable to ensure there are NO pesticides or chemicals on our crops, everything is 100% sanitary, and organic. 

We still have a dream & passion for growing mushrooms...

We plan on expanding our farm to include mushrooms in the future, hence the mushroom in our logo!


Our story behind "Murray's Miracle Farm"

Before we (Donovan & Amy) had even met, we both have had an intense pull towards the health community, seeking what natural ways we can heal our bodies from things like pollution, a standard American diet (fast food, junk), and the many pesticides and chemicals everywhere around us.

We both found that the most affective and safe way to do that is through the food we eat! We can eliminate harmful foods out of our diet, then on top of that, add super nutrient-dense foods into our diet!

This earth has so much medicine built into itself that if we just take a little time and effort to find them, they can truly be a healing miracle for us all!


About the Owners

We want to build a legacy for our children and be an example for them with healthy life practices. Together we built our indoor sterile micro-farm, and spent countless hours growing from seed to harvest many times over. We found an even deeper love for these little greens when we began to add them to every meal!

On top of this; we completely healed Amy's anemia in less than two months by eating broccoli and radish microgreens on a weekly basis.

After the feedback, reviews, and a long list of health and wellness testimonies, we went all in and have been delivering to family, friends, and now the local public! It's a blessing to be able to deliver such incredible and electric produce straight to our neighbors' doors.

Learning more each day, we feel so blessed to be able to grow these baby greens and share them with our local community. Community is important to us, somewhat a lost thing these days, we want to do our best to connect with families around us, and share our passion.

We will do our very best to provide you with the best quality products and service!

Thank you for reading and checking out our website!

All the best and God bless,

Donovan and Amy

Murray's Miracle Farm - Copyright 2022


(603) 667-1313

PO Box 152 North Hartland, VT 05052

We grow, sell and deliver microgreens in the Upper Valley and surrounding areas.

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